In 1967, Milwaukee experienced its shining moment of Civil Rights activism. Despite fierce opposition, youth-led marchers took to the streets for 200 consecutive nights to demand equal rights and open housing laws so people could live in any area of the city, regardless of their race.

Learn more about the history of the marches and the Commandos here.

50 years later, Milwaukee’s NAACP Youth Council’s and the Commandos’ legacy of bold activism has been passed down and is still alive in our city.

Youth Rise MKE interviewed some of those we are deeming descendants of the marchers, people who are carrying on this legacy, to learn about the history and future of activism in our community. These individuals are each “marching” in different ways for different causes, creating positive change and working for justice today.

We hope we can honor both the past work of our elders and the present work of these activists through this project, while also inspiring our readers to become active about the issues that matter to them.


Meet the Descendants of the Marchers
How do you think young people today can do their part in fighting for justice?